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IDfunction Web Release 2.1.9

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Release : v2.1.9



  • Card production results ends up now as json in card.producation_data
  • Broadened coverage of $filter in the api, specifically in card related endpoints


  • employee updated_at is now updated on card assignment operations
  • visitor updated_at is now updated on card assignment operations
  • IEC: handling of dot in variable names fixed for assign operations
  • IEC: properly check the existence of the unique_attribute in the custom_attributes when cards ignore is defined
  • fixed the query for attachable cards
  • improved handling of $filter with apostrophe in text. Needs to escaped with double apostrophe according to odata standard.


  • select camera during image acquisition


  • profile.layout_profile could be null
  • cardprofile name field doesn't show up in card detail view


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Images for Windows LTSC2019


Images for Windows LTSC2022

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