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IDfunction Web Release 2.1.10

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Release : v2.1.10

  • Fixed enumeration in Mediaproductionjob Status
  • Enhanced logging functionality
  • Added ReadIdentity Permission Check to owner roles for employees and visitors
  • Refactored permission checks
  • Added return codes to Mediaproductionjob
  • Implemented Mediaproductionjob Permission Check
  • Addressed medium severity findings from penetration test
  • Improved summary logging for IEC multiple files in folder for multiple domain imports
  • Fixed email logging issues and enhanced handling for HTTP Status 400
  • Streamlined users endpoint; reduced unnecessary response attributes
  • Enhanced db-update to include non-default domains
  • Removed deprecated default user iec.system from auto-generation in new installations
  • Fixed IEC handling for broken persons
  • Refactored and fixed custom_attributes handling for IEC



  • Enabled IEC multiple domain import from a single source file
  • Added filter functionality to exports
  • Performance enhancements on endpoints such as employees/visitors
  • Improved Camstream API
  • Enhanced validation for username during user creation


  • Displayed error for non-existent error
  • Introduced React-Query library as a replacement

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