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IDfunction Web Release 2.1.4

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Bug fix release : v2.1.4

Backend bug fixes
- Role limits for more than 1000 roles.
- Changing the "updated_at" behavior to it's updated when custom attributes are changed
- Better error handling for malformed API queries
- Handling of AUTHORIZATION_CODE_EXPIRES_IN environment variable
- Better session handling for /admin when the browser tab is closed
- IEC: better error handling in export photos from command line


Backend new features: 
- python updated from 3.10.12 to 3.10.13
- Introduction of the environment variable NUMBER_OF_WORKERS


LayoutRendererWS bugfix:
- Handling color definitions in hex.


Frontend bugfixes:
- Repository package updates
- Improved authentication security in OATH 2 
- Better UX for cookie enabling component 
- Fixed hero image loading
- Fixed automatic refresh bugs
- Fixed pagination bug in search tables
- Secret fields now also support client_secret 
- ODATA filter support in dynamic form
- Fixed large number of roles

- Executions UX improved (hide actions button for already cancelled/done executions, show default info message when execution doesn't contain information)
-  Made form fields responsive both in form builder and in our forms


Frontend new features:
- User manual section


Images for Linux


Images for Windows Server LTSC2019


Images for Windows Server LTSC2022


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