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IDfunction Web Release 2.1.5

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Bug fix release : v2.1.5

Backend bug fixes
- default value for CARD_LAYOUT_DESIGNER_SERVICE set to "" aka disabled.

- default Card-Production-View now contains card images


Frontend bugfixes:

- add identity group form, select now shows only identity groups.

- added responsiveness behavior to some forms

- Email validation is now active again

- Identity Provider

  - submit button on create form is now working again

  - submit button on the edit form is now working again

  - checkboxes update and create user are now again correctly communicated.

- max time set by gui in various forms is now +100y again

- Form builder async select has now a better behavior


Frontend new features:
- Form builder now supports multiple spacers


Images for Linux


Images for Windows Server LTSC2019


Images for Windows Server LTSC2022

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